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urzad marszalkowski

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International beauty contest "Miss World of Steam Engines” involves electing the most beautiful girl against the background of stately steam engines – an event full of beauty and humour.


A truly unique fashion of bringing steam railway knowledge nearer in its interesting form combining female beauty with the charm of dignified locomotives provides this undertaking with the flair of entertainment and yields a brilliant promotional effect. In this way we not only advertise the engine shed, as well as Wolsztyn, but also all of the Greater Poland and, in fact, the whole country for that matter.
Usually, at the square of the Europe’s only operating Engine Shed in the grand final gala, apart from comely ladies and magnificent steam engines, several thousands beauty enthusiasts from home and abroad join in to celebrate.
The contest is among others meant to promote beauty in the broad sense of the term – both the one associated with femininity attributes and the one following from the magical charm of old steam engines.
Its purpose is inter alia popularisation of the world’s unique operating steam engine shed. Through this formula of good fun we reach people who have not yet heard of Wolsztyn and its fascinating, for ever living steam engines.
In the course of the Final Gala we lead spectators through the fascinating world of steam railway in Europe accompanied by lovely women, to the accompaniment of the whistling pride of the Wolsztyn engine shed, the “Gorgeous Helena”.
We always invite celebrities of the stage, the world of theatre and fashion. Among our guests so far were: Marta Wi¶niewska (“Mandaryna” ), Szymon Wydra and Carpe Diem, Conrado Moreno, artists of „Roz¶piewana Europa” - “Gleefully Singing Europe”, actor - Michał Grudziński, Miss Polonia 2004, III vice Miss World - Katarzyna Borowicz. This year we invited, among others, Rafał Mroczek and Ania D±browska.
The event enjoys much interest from the media both home and abroad. So far, reports from the festivities have appeared on popular TV channels: „Discovery”, Polish Television (“Teleexpress”, “Telegossip”, “Summer Vibes”, “Telescope”), TV Polonia (“Teatime Breakfast”), TVN (“What A Week”), TV Business (“Thank God It’s Friday”). The radio patronage was provided by: Radio Eska, Radio Mercury, Radio Elka. We were featured in, among others, British “The Independent”, “Heritage Railways”, the largest home journals such as: “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Dziennik”, “Fakt”, weeklies: “Newsweek”, “Na żywo” and many other colour magazines and monthlies.
Actions of the "MISS WORLD OF STEAM ENGINES” contest office are not limited to the fun formula, we hold press conferences related to promoting the engine shed and we also participate in charity events.
Artur Skorupiński is the main initiator and organiser of the contest, author of this album and owner of the “Fortes” publishing house. Since the beginning of this venture we have been met with favour on the part of the Starost’s Office in Wolsztyn, the Municipal Office in Wolsztyn, the Wolsztyn Community Centre, PKP Cargo S.A. company, as well as companies which willingly offer patronage over the event.
So far the title of Miss World of Steam Engines was conferred to: Marta Głuchowska from Wolsztyn and Maja Gasińska from ŁódĽ, and Kasia Terlecka from Parczew.